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"Life has taught me many lessons that I carry with me to Harrisburg when I am fighting for you. First, partisanship should never matter when making decisions. Second, life has enough burdens and government shouldn't be one of them. Third, everyone deserves to be treated with respect and civility."
Protecting Taxpayers

Held the line on taxes, delivered on-time budgets, re-invested in the states Rainy Day Fund, and provided strong support for safe and secure education for kids.​

Saved taxpayers $16,000 in just her first year by refusing a taxpayer-funded perks.

Introduced legislation to reduce the size of the legislature and which would save $15 million a year.

Preserving Our Values

Valerie is a conservative who values the U.S. Constitution and defends the freedom of individuals and life at all stages - children, veterans and the elderly.  


With a sister as a family physician, Valerie believes that medical decisions do not belong in legislation but should be made between a doctor and patient including for masks and vaccinations. Endorsed by Pennsylvania Pro-life Federation and recommended by PA Family Institute. Valerie supports pro-life legislation with exceptions for rape, incest and the broad health and welfare of the mother including mental health.

Pro-Second Amendment legislator endorsed by Firearm Owners Against Crime for her defense of our Constitutional Rights.

Maintaining a work ethic that is a strong value in Western PA. Endorsed by Laborers District Council of Western PA

Protecting and preserving personal rights and freedoms as protected under the Pennsylvania and U.S. Constitution.

Protecting animals and all living creatures. Endorsed by Humane PA Partners for a Humane PA.

Sparking Job Growth


Authored and actively fighting for Association Health Plan Legislation to help small businesses and the self-insured better afford and provide health insurance by pooling - something that was removed by ACA. This legislation would really help restaurant workers and small contractors!


Made Pennsylvania better for job creators by fighting higher business taxes and introducing legislation to reduce health insurance costs for small businesses.

Supporting career and technical education so workers have the skills they need to attract employers and fill today's jobs.

Chair, of the Small Business Subcommittee, House Commerce Committee

Secretary of the PA House Liquor Committee

Board Member, Team Pennsylvania Foundation

Board Member, Small Business Council (DCED)

Endorsed by:

National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB)

Pennsylvania Manufacturing Association (PMA)

Pennsylvania Chamber of Business & Industry

Pennsylvania Association of Realtors

Laborers District Council of Western PA

Associated Builders & Contractors

PA Farm Bureau

Stronger Schools

Investing in education with the funding to provide a quality education in safe and modern classrooms. Secured over $400,000 for our schools including historic funding for school safety

Supporting career and technical education - along with higher education - because education shouldn't be one-size-fits all.

Increasing accountability for ALL schools, both public and private

Member, House Education Committee

Community Safety 


Secured important grants - $5.7 Million - for our communities in Quaker Valley, Moon, North Fayette, Findlay, Ohio Twp. to help fund important infrastructure projects, and support our fire, police, and ambulance services.

Voted for and worked to pass Helpers to Heroes Act legislation that will help recruit, retrain, and retool our local fire companies. The bill also helps provide tax relief for our local fire halls and fire responder families.

Secured $150,000 for our fire companies in the 44th district in first term alone.

Wrote legislation to fight human trafficking that provides law enforced with resources they need to keep our children safe and offenders off the streets.

Brought $10 Million to Allegheny Airports (March 2019)



Working to reduce healthcare costs and increase access through reforms such as tele-medicine and free-market competition in insurance sales.

Introduced legislation to create transparency and  freedom when it comes to the cost of prescriptions.  ACT 67, which became LAW lowering prescription drug prices for seniors

Ensuring continued support for programs like PACE and PACENet that help make prescription drugs more affordable.

Provided PPE and COVID Relief for Pennsylvanians as a key sponsor of HB 1232 which secured $50 Million in PPE and COVID Relief for Pennsylvanians (Signed into law on March 27, 2020).  And, voted to provide Hazard Pay for workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Expanding Health Care Coverage by creating the Association Health Plan Legislation to help small businesses and the self-insured better afford and provide health insurance by pooling - something that was removed by ACA. This legislation would really help restaurant workers and small contractors!

Protecting Seniors and those in need by getting legislation passed in House to increase Transparency and Accountability in Medicaid by examining improper payments in Medicaid. (Awaits votes in the Senate)

Member, House Health Committee

Recommended by the Hospital and Healthsystem Association of Pennsylvania. (HAP)

•  SAVED TAX PAYERS $30,000 by turning down perks

•  District Office never closed during COVID open to serve constituents​

•  SPONSORED and got 9 Bills signed into LAW

•  SPONSORED and got 42 Bills through the House

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