"Life has taught me many lessons that I carry with me to Harrisburg when I've fighting for you. First, partisanship should never mater when making decisions. Second, life has enough burdens and government shouldn't be one of them. Third, everyone deserves to be treated with respect and civility."
Protecting Taxpayers

Held the line on taxes, delivered on-time budgets, re-invested in the states Rainy Day Fund, and provided strong support for safe and secure education for kids.

Saved taxpayers $16,000 in her first year by refusing a taxpayer-funded car, cell phone, and unaccountable per diems. 


Introduced legislation to reduce the size of the 
and save $15 million a year.

Preserving Our Values

Valerie is a pro-life conservative who is an avid defender of the people, children, elderly, veterans, and life at all stages.

Pro-Second Amendment legislator endorsed by Firearm Owners Against Crime for her defense of our Constitutional Rights.

Sparking Job Growth

Made Pennsylvania better for job creators by fighting higher business taxes and introducing legislation to reduce health insurance costs for small businesses.

Supporting career and technical education so workers have the skills they need to attract employers and fill today's jobs.


Working to reduce healthcare costs and increase access through reforms such as tele-medicine and free-market competition in insurance sales.

Introduced legislation to create transparency and  freedom when it comes to the cost of prescriptions.

Ensuring continued support for programs like PACE and PACENet that help make prescription drugs more affordable.

Stronger Schools

Investing in education with the funding to provide a quality education in safe and modern classrooms. 

Supporting career and technical education - along with higher education - because education shouldn't be one-size-fits all.

Helping Our Communities


Secured important grants - $5.7 Million - for our communities to help fund important infrastructure projects, and support our fire, police, and ambulance services.


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