On The

Fight for Fiscal Responsibility

  • Balance budgets and ensure responsible spending

  • Limit increased spending to inflation rate growth and population growth as needed

  • End taxpayer funded perks and special treatment for elected officials

  • Reduce the size of the legislature 

  • Restore sanity and civility to the budgeting process

Strengthen PA's Business Climate

  • Lower taxes to enable Pennsylvania to remain competitive with other states

  • Reduce paperwork and mandates that strangle business growth 

  • Fight for policies that attract new jobs and residents to Pennsylvania

  • Provide affordable healthcare options to small businesses - allow pooling to purchase lower cost health insurance policies

  • Support educational initiatives that prepare our students for the future

Serve as the People's Advocate

  • Defend individual rights from government overreach

  • Protect citizens, personal freedoms and conservative values

  • Strengthen laws that protect Pennsylvania's elderly and support eldercare

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