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Fight for Fiscal Responsibility

Government expenses keep growing and one of the main reasons is legislators spending on themselves. Last year, the legislature spent $13.8 million on their own expenses before salaries and capital purchases! The Commonwealth faces pressing budget issues and the looming pension crisis, which means we need to wake up and get down to basics. As a results-oriented entrepreneur, I can hit the ground running to bring spending into line with the needs of the people, not the needs of the legislators. Government should be serving the people and not the other way around. It is time that we make government the people’s business again!

I'll work hard to:

  • Balance budgets and ensure responsible spending

  • Limit increased spending to inflation rate growth and population growth as needed

  • End taxpayer funded perks and special treatment for elected officials

  • Reduce the size of the legislature 

  • Restore sanity and civility to the budgeting process



Strengthen PA's Business Climate

Pennsylvania’s greatest export has been its people. As a business founder, investor and advocate, I have worked with hundreds of companies both inside and outside of Pennsylvania and I know which companies are most attractive to investors, employees and for growth. Over the last decade business start-ups in this Nation made up more than 64 percent of all job growth. With the number of resources and educational institutions in this Commonwealth and particularly in the Western Pennsylvania region, we need to make sure Pennsylvania is open for business.  


As such, I will fight to:

  • Lower taxes to enable Pennsylvania to remain competitive with other states

  • Reduce paperwork and mandates that strangle business growth 

  • Fight for policies that attract new jobs and residents to Pennsylvania

  • Provide affordable healthcare options to small businesses - allow pooling to purchase lower cost health insurance policies

  • Support educational initiatives that prepare our students for the future

Business & Entrepreneuership



Serve as the People's Advocate

States don’t grow without a vibrant private business sector. But they also don’t grow without education to support it. They don’t grow without adequate healthcare.  They don’t grow without a community that cares about its people, its children, its elderly, its veterans and its animals. I am pro-life, pro-growth, pro-business and pro-community.  I am an avid defender of the Constitution and personal freedoms. Having been a patient advocate for my late husband with lung cancer and an aging parent with Parkinson’s disease I value life at all stages. I


Thus, I will work across the aisle to:

  • Defend individual rights from government overreach

  • Protect citizens, personal freedoms and conservative values

  • Strengthen laws that protect Pennsylvania's elderly and support eldercare laws protect


Family Values

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